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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A torus for a Taurus

I love doughnuts, or 'donuts' if you're a goddam lazy Yankee. I sometimes think my love of doughnuts means I should have been a cop. No matter...

I have eaten many doughnuts in my life, but two, in particular, stand out.

One was in a small square in East Berlin -- a yeast doughnut, light and fluffy as whipped cream and lightly dusted with sugar. Truly, Ich bin ein Berliner!

The second was a traditional, dunking style doughnut from Currah's, a little bakery in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Nobody has ever made a better doughnut. Light, cohesive, flavourful... and irresistible when warm. They are better than any doughnut ever made by Tim Horton's. They are infinitely better than those worst-ever, sugar-lard frauds called Krispy Kremes!

Here's where the world's best traditional doughnuts are made:'s-bakery.htm


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