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Friday, January 13, 2006

Getting an 'A' for Atheism

You might want to refresh your understanding of belief systems that don’t include a god in any form. An excellent place to begin is Wikipedia’s entry on Atheism. Reading it, I find that I’m more an apatheist than an atheist, in that I don't think the issue of God's existence is even worth discussing. Where I'm concerned, He just ain't. End of discussion.

Go Here:

For the political/social side of atheism go to:

For the lighter side, (FSM, or Flying Spaghetti Monster as creator) go here:

Maybe there's an element of Gnosticism in FSM's positing that the universe-as-we-know-it was created by a spaghetti-like monster. There is at least as much proof of that as there is for the existence of any other god.

But in one area -- a piece of dogma, I guess -- there is a serious flaw in reasoning. FSM holds that natural disasters occur in inverse ratio to the number of pirates and that if only there were more pirates we wouldn't have so many natural disasters. The tsunami of Xmas 2004 and Katrina in 2005 may never have occurred if only you had bothered to be a pirate. But in fact, there are more pirates today than at any time in history. The real link is between the wearing of PIRATE CLOTHING and natural disasters.

So put on your gear: wear an eye patch, a fake hook for a hand and mutter AHHAHARRR MATEY! throughout the day. The next tsunami you prevent may be your own (especially if you live in California or Florida).


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